Jerod Mayo is already being put in the hot seat by New England media

New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins
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The Patriots and Bill Belichick parted ways last Thursday, and by Friday, Jerod Mayo was named the head coach. It was an expected move, given the linebackers coach was being groomed to be the successor in a few years, but some speculated if the decision had been made too quickly without proper thought and consideration of others.

Since that cannot be too much of a worry anymore, as Mayo will, in fact, be the head coach next season, there was a lot of excitement about his promotion amongst the fans, but more importantly, by current and former Patriots.

Several players spoke to the media in the lead-up to the final game of the season, sharing glowing reviews and admiration for the former defensive star and vocalizing their belief in him as an eventual head coach. Now that it has come to fruition, many took to social media to share their enthusiasm for the decision just 24 hours after Belichick's ousting.

But with that came the scrutiny from the infamous New England media, who speculated about Mayo's promotion, pushing that it was too premature to put him in that role. And they took it a step further, only a handful of hours after he was named the head coach, by already putting him in the hot seat.

Instead of talking about the forthcoming change that will come by hiring the youngest head coach in the NFL or celebrating the fact that Mayo will become the first black head coach in the organization's history, reporters decided to jump straight into stressing the importance of Mayo needing to find a franchise quarterback.

And if he doesn't find him, they have already proclaimed he will be fired.

It would be so much nicer if this were satire, but the fact that it's real and was thought to be an appropriate discussion before Mayo has even been properly introduced as the new head coach is mind-boggling.

It's also concerning since the Boston media is known for being exceptionally harsh to their sports teams and athletes. If this indicates what's to come from them regarding Mayo and the future of the Patriots, it seems like the makings of a long and unenjoyable ride.

To an extent, it's understandable since the Patriots have been a struggling team for the last four seasons, and we're fresh off the news of the greatest coach to ever step foot into the NFL, moving on to coach elsewhere next season. On top of that, many people have become impatient about the team getting back to being a competitive and successful team like they had been for two decades.

However, it's unfair to put Mayo in the hot seat and draw conclusions already, especially when this discussion was just a few hours after the news was posted. We have nothing to base the concern on, as we don't even know who will fill out his staff, including the crucial role of general manager.

And it's pretty obvious to anyone who has ever watched an NFL game how important having a talented quarterback is and how many head coaches have been fired due to not finding one fast enough.

So why is this a talking point when discussing Mayo's promotion?

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