Patriots Insider makes massive statement about Bill Belichick's new deal

Why did the Patriots sign Bill Belichick to a contract extension?
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Tom Curran, who has insider information regarding the Patriots, recently made a couple of pretty astounding statements about the recent extension that Bill Belichick signed. So apparently, Belichick signed this deal last offseason, and it went under the radar until right about now. Curran made a few interesting points during this video clip.

You can view the clip here:

He notes a couple of things during this snippet. Firstly, Curran says that he'd be shocked if this deal ran past the 2024 NFL season. He also notes that this deal may fall right in line with Jerod Mayo's contract, which he signed last offseason as well. Curran seems to think that it'd be possible for Belichick's deal and Mayo's deal to fall in line with each other, likely inferring that the Patriots hand over the keys to Mayo after Belichick's deal expires.

This would make sense, as the organization is very high on Jerod Mayo, who has had multiple opportunities to leave the franchise but has elected to stay around. Well, perhaps this contract is an indication that Jerod Mayo is taking over in a couple of years. That might be plausible. What also could be plausible is that Kraft trusts Belichick to fix the mess that he made but also didn't envision the 2-5 start, so perhaps the shine of that contract extension has worn off a bit.

The timing if it being revealed now is also a bit odd, and they touched on that in the video. Why right now do we have the news breaking about the deal? Why not three weeks ago? Why not when it was signed? Why now.

The timing of the extension could mean nothing, but it also could mean something, and I guess we'll never truly know why this deal was signed until later in the future.