Patriots' Week 7 win versus Bills should not change anything

Let's not get too wrapped up with this win in Week 7.
Buffalo Bills v New England Patriots
Buffalo Bills v New England Patriots / Kathryn Riley/GettyImages

Yes, the win was nice, but let's be real here; the New England Patriots are a very flawed team, and this win should not change anything for the direction of this club. An upset win, which happens in the NFL every single week without fail, should not change your opinion about this team and the reality of this club.

At the end of the day, the New England Patriots are still a bad football team. The offense still lacks that explosive element consistently; the quarterback play is not consistently great, and the defense, missing their two best players, will not hold up in the long-run.

I'd also add to this by saying that the Buffalo Bills have honestly been known for these small pockets of absolutely horrid football. It's been a theme in the Josh Allen/Sean McDermott era. About four or five times a year, the Bills just look thoroughly awful. That's happen several times this year for Buffalo already, and their now 4-3 on the year and don't look close to a Super Bowl contender.

Buffalo's up-and-down play contributed to the Patriots clinching the upset on Sunday. Sure, we can still give credit for the Patriots winning. The defense made plays when necessary. Mac Jones and the offense were efficient. The offensive line was largely great, and the team came through in crunch time.

The Patriots had four receivers who had at least 51 receiving yards. Mac Jones went 25/30 for nearly 300 yards. The team also won the turnover battle and outgained Buffalo. The Bills have now lost two of their last three games, and look to be team that has quite a few issues. The Patriots also did keep themselves afloat in the AFC East race, as the Miami Dolphins also lost in Week 7.

Perhaps I'm totally wrong and the Patriots will turn a corner here. Even though Buffalo isn't nearly as good as we think, this was still a great win for Bill Belichick, who earned his 300th regular-season win. I'm not buying into this win, though, and I personally believe that this win does not change anything with the Patriots.