Patriots' HC Bill Belichick is actively sabotaging QB Mac Jones

New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins
New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

On Sunday afternoon, reports surfaced that star wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins signed with the Tennessee Titans. The news is a devastating blow to Patriots fans, who hoped the team would finally land a star receiver again. It’s also a blow to Mac Jones, as once again Belichick has let him down.

The Hopkins news is another reminder that Belichick is actively sabotaging Jones.

After a strong rookie season, Jones got too outspoken, and Belichick used it against him. Belichick surrounded Jones with no real weapons in his second season, and he gave him Matt Patricia as his offensive coordinator. The move obviously blew up in Belichick's face as Jones had a terrible season, and people started to question if he was a bust.

Now you would think that after a poor season from Jones that Belichick would look to surround him with more talent, but he has ultimately failed to do so. The failure to sign Hopkins highlights that Belichick is once again setting his quarterback up to fail. The Patriots continue to do the opposite of what every other team with a young quarterback has done, which is to give them a stud number-one receiver. It makes no sense why Belichick continues to be cheap and thinks he can win with below-average talent. Does he want to sign up for a third losing season in the last four years?

Belichick and Jones are entering a critical point in their relationship, and the decision to not sign Hopkins could be a dagger in the relationship. With the two already on bad terms, it could lead to a poor season in 2023. Signing Hopkins would have relieved pressure off of both of their shoulders, but instead, the pressure only heightens.

Ultimately, it will be interesting to see what happens with Jones and Belichick this season.