Patriots' QB Mac Jones is under historic pressure in the 2023 season

New England Patriots v Buffalo Bills
New England Patriots v Buffalo Bills / Bryan Bennett/GettyImages

Besides Mac Jones the QB being under a ton of pressure, his performance in the 2023 season could spell the end of the greatest dynasty in NFL history. Mac Jones looked the part of a franchise quarterback during his 2021 rookie season, earning a passer rating in the 90s and being a part of one of the most efficient scoring offenses in the NFL.

Things went south in 2022, but many suggest that Mac Jones is not entirely to blame, which I totally understand. However, a souring relationship between Jones and Bill Belichick coupled with Jones' bad play seems to create a tense situation in 2023. And then, to add to the mess, the alleged strained relationship between Belichick and Robert Kraft likely due to the lack of success in recent years has turned up the heat for the organization in 2023.

In today's NFL, teams win or lose because of their QB. Gone are the days when teams can carry a subpar quarterback deep into the playoffs. Objectively speaking, teams need an efficient QB to win games in the NFL. That's just the truth in this era of football.

Well, we can say with relative certainty that the 2023 New England Patriots will at least have a good defense, right? They've usually always sported an efficient defense and above-average pass rush. With the addition of Christian Gonzalez in the secondary, this unit appears to be rock-solid once again.

However, in this era of football, teams can get by with having an average or below average defense. They can win double-digit games with a bottom-half D. That isn't typically the case with the offense. What seems to be likely, at least to me, is the Patriots sporting a solid defense as usual but not having an explosive enough offense.

It's very possible that the New England Patriots limp their way to eight or nine wins again and miss the playoffs because their offense just wasn't good enough. If that is indeed the case and the team misses the playoffs, changes would be coming. Bill Belichick's seat appears to be red-hot, and I don't think Robert Kraft is going to hesitate pulling the plug on him as the head coach if the team once again misses the postseason.

This all goes back to Mac Jones. If Mac Jones bounces back and plays efficiently, there's reason to believe the Patriots have an efficient offense and can make the postseason. If he plays poorly once again, it's likely that the team sputters into mediocrity. Bill Belichick being fired or parted ways with as head coach of the New England Patriots would spell the end of the greatest dynasty in NFL history.

And that is why Mac Jones is under historic pressure in 2023.