Patriots: Patrick Mahomes sharing GOAT Madden cover with Tom Brady is a joke

NFL stars Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)
NFL stars Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images) /

The New England Patriots missed the playoffs last season, but they still managed to play a prominent role in the Super Bowl given their ties to one Tom Brady.

The former Patriots quarterback led the Buccaneers to their first title in 18 years, dismantling Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs, who were playing without most of their starting offensive line and failed to pose any semblance of a threat to Brady’s new cast of characters.

Brady’s triumph did wonders in terms of simmering the pundits and fans who prematurely appointed Mahomes as the future GOAT.

Though the Chiefs star has a chance to threaten Brady’s legacy (we guess), the latter’s head-to-head advantage in the Super Bowl says it all.

Despite that, however, EA Sports announced on Thursday that Brady and Mahomes will share the cover of Madden NFL 22.

This was the most predictable move ever from EA Sports, but that doesn’t make their decision any less laughable.

Patriots legend Tom Brady having to share the Madden cover with Chiefs star Patrick Mahomes is a sick joke.

For anybody wondering where we’re getting “GOAT Madden cover” from, EA Sports dropped a teaser trailer this week about this year’s edition. The video depicted two goats coming out of a barn and a humorous cameo from former cover athlete and Browns RB Peyton Hillis.

It’s statements like this that force fans to slander a superstar like Mahomes, who’s done nothing to warrant such unfair treatment. While his career is on an unfathomable trajectory — he’s already won an MVP, been to two Super Bowls, won a ring and is on pace to set all kinds of passing records — he’s a long way away from challenging Brady’s legacy.

There’s just no reason (other than boredom) to call Mahomes a GOAT when Brady has more than double the amount of championships (seven) as the former has years as the Chiefs’ starting quarterback under his belt (three). We know that has a lot to do with their age discrepancy, but remind us again why we’re even having this discussion?

Not only that, but they locked horns on football’s biggest stage and Mahomes was chased around (thanks, OL) and bested by Brady, who finished 21-of-29 for 201 yards and three touchdowns to zero interceptions. While Brady wasn’t as sharp as we’ve grown accustomed to in previous Super Bowls, he came up big when it mattered most.

The last thing we want is for it to sound like we don’t appreciate Mahomes’ greatness. He’s the epitome of a generational talent and could very well end up pushing for GOAT status when all is said and done. However, if EA Sports was going to disrespect Brady like this, they would’ve been better off having Derrick Henry or Josh Allen grace Madden’s latest cover.