Patriots big board for Rounds 4-7 in 2024 NFL Draft

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Coming into the 2024 NFL Draft, the Patriots had a lot of positions that needed to be addressed early and often, particularly on offense. Fans were hoping to see the most significant holes to be dealt with in the first few rounds, which Jerod Mayo and Eliot Wolf obliged by selecting a quarterback, wide receiver and then an offensive tackle.

Now that the most glaring issues have been addressed, there are still plenty more positions that need improvement. Fortunately, a long list of talent remains on the board to give the Patriots various options on Day 3.

They begin Round 4 with five picks to use throughout the day, which might change if they decide to make any trades. They have two early picks, No. 103 and 110, which could (and perhaps should) be used on offense to strengthen the weaker side of the team even further.

There are a few positions they'll need to prioritize there, even ones they've already addressed.

Patriots offensive big board for Rounds 4-7 in 2024 NFL Draft

Tight end

Potential targets: Jaheim Bell, Theo Johnson, Ja'Tavion Sanders, Cade Stover, Jared Wiley

One of the more under-described positions that should be a focus during the final day of the draft is tight end. Wolf made the right decision in re-signing Hunter Henry to a three-year deal, but the others he's brought in to play alongside the tight end are not eye-popping enough to make a real difference.

They can choose to snag one of the best players of the class by drafting Ja'Tavion Sanders, who was ranked just below the best prospect of 2024, Brock Bowers. He was expected to be a second round pick, but he's fallen all the way to the fourth round, which could instantly make him a steal for New England.

If they don't love the Texas alum, they'll have some other options that could be just as viable and could be picked in a later round.

Running back

Potential targets: Isaiah Davis, Ray Davis, Isaac Guerendo, Bucky Irving, Dylan Laube, Jaylen Wright

With Rhamondre Stevenson and Antonio Gibson leading the backfield in 2024, there's not necessarily a need to add another running back into the mix. However, because Stevenson is expected to be the starter and he's only under contract for one more season, they might need a new RB sooner rather than later.

The Patriots will have to decide whether to re-sign Stevenson to keep him in Foxboro for a few more years. If the answer is no, perhaps players like Bucky Irving or Jaylen Wright will pique their interest on Day 3.

Even if they want to keep their fourth-round pick beyond the 2024 season, there are several options from this year's class they could choose from to be Stevenson's RB2.


Potential targets: Ethan Driskell, Javon Foster, Donovan Jennings, Walter Rouse

Because the choice of right tackle Caedan Wallace shocked almost everyone in New England, since it's really left tackle that needed to be addressed, the Patriots likely will and should look into adding a proper left tackle to the roster to help replace Trent Brown.

Although Wolf believes Wallace is athletic enough to transition to the other side of the offensive line, time will tell, and we don't know definitively if that will work out. So selecting guys like Javon Foster or Walter Rouse would settle some concerns on Day 3.

Wide receiver

Potential targets: Javon Baker, Jalen Coker, Jacob Cowing, Bub Means, Brenden Rice, Devontez Walker

Washington's Ja'Lynn Polk landing with the Patriots was certainly exciting, and the explosive receiver will inevitably be a solid addition to the offensive roster. However, with a weak receiving corps and a lack of acquisitions during free agency, picking at least one more pass catcher would be wise.

At the start of Round 4, a few names stand out: Javon Baker, Brenden Rice, and Devontez Walker. Any of the three would be excellent choices. Walker might have one leg up over the others, given he was Drake Maye's top target at UNC, but picking a speedy contested catcher from UCF or the son of a NFL legend would be difficult to complain about.

Patriots defensive big board for Rounds 4-7 in 2024 NFL Draft

For good reason, the defense will probably be the neglected side of the team in this year's draft. Despite the absolute mess that the Patriots were during the 2023 season, the defense continued to be the reason they got close to or did win any games through all 18 weeks.

Because the offense was the complete opposite, it makes sense to prioritize the weaker unit.

A few positions could benefit from a few young additions, though, and some intriguing prospects remain on the board that the Patriots might be looking at.


Potential targets: Austin Booker, Jalen Green, Mohamed Kamara, Gabriel Murphy, Javon Solomon

The pass rush has been one of the most frustrating parts of the defense over the last few years, apart from the impressive work that Matthew Judon delivers on a weekly basis. The problem has been that he is the only one really getting to opposing quarterbacks, putting a lot of pressure on his shoulders alone to deliver hits and sacks.

It was even more apparent how weak the pass rush was after Judon went down with a season-ending injury in Week 4 of last year, which might make the Patriots decide to draft an EDGE player higher on Day 3.

There are a few enticing options to choose from, especially Austin Booker and Jalen Green.


Potential targets: Cam Hart, Kalen King, Khyree Jackson, D.J. James, Josh Newton, T.J. Tampa

Because of the departure of Myles Bryant, J.C. Jackson, and Jalen Mills, the cornerback room looks a bit bare these days. It will be led by Christian Gonzalez and Jonathan Jones for the 2024 season, but snagging another quality talent in the draft would be a solid plan.

With most of the picks up to this point being on the offensive side of the ball for most of the league, there are several impressive players left to be picked who could fit in with the Patriots nicely.

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