9 receivers Patriots could draft beyond the first round

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Although there's an uncertainty surrounding the Patriots' decision to draft a quarterback with the third overall pick, it continues to be the assumption as it seems to be the best move to make for a team in desperate need of a new franchise player.

Following that assumption, the team would need to prioritize drafting their next starting left tackle and finding their long-awaited WR1. Fortunately, both positions are said to be deep classes this year, which works in New England's favor during a pivotal offseason under new head coach Jerod Mayo.

Which of the two much-needed additions should be the second priority on the list depends on who you ask, but for argument's sake, let's say it should be snagging a receiver.

In that case, many talented players would boost the offense if drafted, especially one that is seeing an almost complete makeover under new offensive coordinator Alex Van Pelt and presumed rookie quarterback.

The Patriots' choices beyond the first round are plenty, but here are the nine best options.

9 receivers Patriots could draft beyond the first round

Ladd McConkey - Georgia

One of the more hyped players as of late for the Patriots has been Ladd McConkey, an incredibly talented and versatile player with a natural athleticism that sets him apart from others in this year's class.

The 6-foot Georgia alum has lined up everywhere during his football career, and not just on the offense. Besides putting together a respectable resume as a wide receiver, he has experience as a quarterback and running back from his high school days.

Plus, he's performed as a defensive back, punter, and return specialist; this guy screams the Bill Belichick prototype, does he not?

He could fill multiple roles for the Patriots, which puts his value over the top, considering all the changes the team is going through. But he could predominately fill the slot/outside role on the offense, where he recorded 119 receptions for 1,692 yards and 14 touchdowns over three seasons.

McConkey wouldn't necessarily fill the WR1 need that the Patriots are looking for, but with a deep class, they could snag him early and add another player in a later round.