Patriots’ 2024 free agents: re-sign or goodbye

Guard/tackle Mike Onwenu (71) should be a priority for the New England Patriots to re-sign.
Guard/tackle Mike Onwenu (71) should be a priority for the New England Patriots to re-sign. / Eric Canha-USA TODAY Sports
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After 24 years, the New England Patriots parted ways with the architect of two Patriots Dynasties, and it is now up to rookie head coach Jerod Mayo to build a kingdom of his own. Mayo’s coaching staff is almost complete, and the scouting department has also been made over.

Once the decision-makers are in place, the team building begins. While the NFL Draft and shopping the marketplace for free agents is appealing, taking care of one’s own free agents should take priority.

Jerod Mayo said the New England Patriots are, “…ready to burn some cash,” in free agency. But spending wisely, not how much, will determine New England’s success in free agency

The Patriots have some tough decisions to make with their free agents. They probably won’t be able to keep all the ones they want. Others may become necessity signings after some losses and missing out on other players on the free market.

According to Spotrac, the Patriots have 26 free agents to decide whether to re-sign them or say thanks and goodbye. It would seem obvious to some, but this is just a projection without knowing everything factored into the decision-making.

While Mayo and his staff will have to take the salary cap into consideration (about $70 million in cap space available this off-season), for this exercise, money ain’t a thang (shout out to Jermaine Dupri and Jay-Z). This also doesn’t project any free agent signings from other teams. That would drastically affect New England’s decisions on their own free agents. But this would be a solid foundation for how the Patriots rebuild a new kingdom, and hopefully a new dynasty: