Packers gift Patriots dream free-agent tackle with ties to New England

New England Patriots v Las Vegas Raiders
New England Patriots v Las Vegas Raiders / Chris Unger/GettyImages

The Patriots may have missed out on Dion Dawkins's ten minutes of availability in free agency, but their luck may have just changed with the latest update regarding another top left tackle.

NFL insiders announced that the Packers were releasing five-time Pro Bowler David Bakhtiari, likely due to cap reasons. He was set to make $40 million during the 2024 season, and releasing him saves Green Bay around $20 million.

Packers gift Patriots dream free-agent tackle with ties to New England

This could be the perfect time for the Patriots to make a big move to acquire a top talent at left tackle with Trent Brown expected to sign elsewhere. Bakhtiari is a proven player who would significantly improve the O-line's performance, especially if they plan to go ahead with a rookie quarterback next season.

But there are a few issues they'll need to consider.

Bakhtiari would be expensive, and although that's not a factor that puts the Patriots out of contention, it is something worthy of considering when he has had issues remaining healthy over the last few seasons. If they hope to bring more consistency to the line, then bringing in an injury-prone tackle who has only played in 13 games in three years doesn't seem like the brightest idea.

Of course, there is a connection to Eliot Wolf that can't be ignored. He was with the Packers and likely involved in the decision to draft Bakhtiari in 2013. That link could be enough to get him in the building.

It would be tough to pass up on Bakhtiari's talent, but perhaps it would be better to look elsewhere or rely on the draft.

If they do choose to inquire about signing him, they'll likely have to outbid the Jets due to his connection to Aaron Rodgers. The pair worked together throughout their careers until the quarterback was traded last year and this could be an easy way for them to reunite.

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