No Jets players will be fined for their post-whistle hits on Mac Jones

New England Patriots v New York Jets
New England Patriots v New York Jets / Jim McIsaac/GettyImages

Less than 24 hours until the Patriots face off against the Cowboys in week four, the NFL announced the players would be fined for any misconduct during last week's games. Although there was the good news that Mac Jones would not be fined or suspended, New England did have two players receive fines for unnecessary roughness against the Jets.

Jabrill Peppers received a hefty fine of $43,709 for an illegal hit on running back Breece Hall in the second quarter of last week's matchup.

JuJu Smith-Schuster was also fined, but far less. The receiver will be due to pay $16,391 for unnecessary roughness as well.

But the biggest news of the announcements was that no Jets players would be fined for their late hits on Mac Jones. Before the alleged incident that turned out not to be an incident between the quarterback and Sauce Gardner, we saw C.J. Mosley being aggressive with Jones after the whistle, continuing to try and bring him to the ground after the play was already called dead.

Apparently, that doesn't warrant any fine despite the nature of the situation and the fact that the officials had already ended the play. Gardner would also not be fined for his push on Jones, even though the NFL didn't find sufficient evidence to prove the cornerback's claim that Jones had hit him first.

It's another example of inconsistency in the NFL and how they determine what violates the league's rules and deserves a fine.

What puts it more in question is the well-known effort to crack down on anything unnecessary done to quarterbacks. What the Jets did to Jones fits that definition, yet they won't be penalized for wrongdoing.

Fortunately, nothing horrific came of it for Jones, and he has appeared fine since last week's game. Otherwise, this decision to let the Jets off the hook would be even more maddening.

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