NFL reporter says Patriots made mistake by not accepting this draft day trade

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Coming into the 2024 Draft, the Patriots were expected to make the right picks at the right time and really evaluate the direction they wanted to take the team.

It was a hefty ask of new head coach Jerod Mayo and presumed general manager Eliot Wolf to pull off in their first year running things, but the draft class they put together has received positive reactions for the most part.

The consensus had decided New England needed a quarterback, so they took a signal caller with the third overall pick. The next biggest needs were offensive tackle and wide receiver, which Mayo and Wolf prioritized, selecting three linemen and two receivers. They even took a tight end with their final pick of the draft, another vulnerable position that needed to be addressed.

But despite them hitting on every position that needed to be dealt with, there are still some fans and reporters who aren't thrilled they ultimately did what they had been demanding they do for the last several months because why would they be happy with the Patriots finally putting together a draft class that focused on improving the weakest parts of the roster?

That's just how Boston sports media is, unfortunately.

NFL reporter says Patriots made mistake not accepting this draft day trade

Although Mayo and Wolf did what needed to be done, many had fallen in love with the idea of trading down in the first round to acquire more picks, allowing them to have two in this year's first round and two next year.

NBC Sports Boston's Tom Curran wanted the Patriots to do by trading with the Vikings, one of the teams inquiring about moving into the top three picks. They offered New England their No. 11 and 23 picks in Round 1 this year, plus their 2025 first-rounder for the No. 3 pick and two mid-rounders as well.

Despite that atrocious offer, some, like Curran, believe it was a mistake for Mayo and Wolf to pass on the deal. He believes they would have been better served to draft Michigan quarterback J.J. McCarthy at 11, a left tackle or receiver at 23, and the other with their second-rounder, mainly due to the acquisition of extra picks and his uncertainty surrounding Drake Maye/

It's fair to criticize the decision to stick and pick if you truly believe Maye is a risky move, but this feels like another example of Boston media members complaining about what the Patriots did for the sake of stirring the pot.

Far too often, they'll demand the team does something and once they do that, then the media deems it the wrong move. This is just another prime instance of that happening.

You might not love all the picks the Patriots made. Maybe you wish they had taken some other players that were left on the board, but to act like they didn't hit all the weakest parts of the roster and should have more seriously entertained a horrible trade offer, It seems fair to assume that you're just looking for something to complain about.

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