NFL insiders make fools of themselves attempting to dunk on Tom Brady

Netflix Is A Joke Fest's "The Greatest Roast Of All Time: Tom Brady"
Netflix Is A Joke Fest's "The Greatest Roast Of All Time: Tom Brady" / Elyse Jankowski/GettyImages

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past several weeks, Netflix's special "The Greatest Roast Of All Time: Tom Brady" aired on Sunday night to rave reviews. Besides the typical expectation of a comedy roast, the collection of players, coaches, and surprise guests made the night even more special for Patriots fans and, honestly, even funnier.

Expectations for the night were high, although a bit unexpected since Tom Brady had been mostly buttoned up during his time in New England.

Was that version of the quarterback going to show up at the event? Or were we going to see a bit more of that Tampa Tom we all grew to love?

Fortunately, it was a mix of both, and it was clear the GOAT enjoyed partaking in the roast (for the most part). When it was his turn to step to the podium and seek revenge on those who made jokes at his expense all night, Brady didn't disappoint.

NFL insiders make fools of themselves by trying to dunk on Tom Brady

Among the many hilarious one-liners was the one about Deflategate, a frustrating time in his career, and in the memories of the Patriots' fans.

Brady reminded everyone of the ridiculous investigation that cost the NFL over $20 million to conduct, only to conclude that it was "more probable than not" that he was "generally aware" that someone deflated his footballs the night of the 2015 AFC Championship against the Colts.

He followed it up by saying the league could have easily paid him that $20 million instead, and he would've just told them that he "f---ing did it."

It was one of the jokes to receive the best response of the night from the crowd, and instead of realizing and understanding what Brady was joking about, NFL insiders embarrassed themselves online by concluding the quarterback confirmed he had cheated in the game nine years ago.

Sometimes, jokes will go over someone's head and they just won't understand the punchline. But it's very telling that an ESPN guy like Adam Schefter would take to Twitter/X in an attempt to twist what the joke was and make it into a confession.

ESPN was one of the leading forces in pushing false information during the entire deflategate investigation. Christ Mortenson spread the lie that 11 of 12 footballs had been deflated and never really retracted that statement despite its obvious deceitfulness.

So, is it really surprising that a face of the network would be pushing this narrative about a Brady confession less than 12 hours after the show concluded? Not at all. But it is embarrassing.

Unfortunately, Schefter wasn't the only one. The 33rd Team's Ari Meirov participated in the same ridiculousness on social media during the show on Sunday night.

It's unfortunate how desperate some in NFL circles are to prove Brady and the Patriots did nefarious things to accomplish their two decades of success and will take any small moment to try and prove their illogical point.

But Patriots fans can just use this as an extension of the roast because it sure is funny to see all those people still whining about alleged deflated footballs nine years later.

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