Newest 5-round mock draft predicts the Patriots to have an A+ class

Penn State v Ohio State
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Despite the 2024 NFL draft being over five months away, the obsession with mock drafts in New England has become all the rage in recent weeks, mainly due to the Patriots' uncharacteristically bad season, landing them in the top 3 of the first round.

Their current draft position has prompted many mock drafters to theorize which direction the team will ultimately go with their first-rounder, with most believing it will be a quarterback or a wide receiver, with a lesser amount predicting an offensive tackle will be the choice.

Now that the college football season is nearing its end, sites like Pro Football Focus have expanded their mock drafts to include up to five rounds, attempting to address as many voids on a team's roster much sooner in the NFL season than usual.

And that's where we find the latest predictions by PFF for the Patriots, who put together a draft class that seems like most fans would be ecstatic to come to fruition.

This is their first five-round mock for New England, and because they currently hold the third overall pick, the experts at PFF decided to have them take a generational wide receiver to kick things off.

Round 1 - Pick 3: Marvin Harrison Jr., WR, Ohio State

"New England needs offensive line help, and Penn State’s Olu Fashanu or Notre Dame’s Joe Alt would be worthy top-five selections. But, positional importance aside, Marvin Harrison Jr. would likely be the consensus No. 1 player on big boards for this draft cycle. If the Patriots can get him, he would be the most talented receiver in New England since Randy Moss."

It's a debatable pick, depending on who you ask, since the consensus appears to be leaning toward taking a quarterback in the first round. But if the Patriots lose out on Maye or Williams, the next best pick would be Harrison Jr.

It could even be argued that taking the receiver wouldn't be a bad pick if either quarterback remained on the board. Considering the offense's need for a dominant and game-changing WR1, having Harrison Jr. fall into their lap would still make for an excellent first-round pick.