New Patriots logo spotted around Gillette Stadium, and it's not good

Baltimore Ravens v New England Patriots
Baltimore Ravens v New England Patriots / Maddie Meyer/GettyImages

Many changes have been made around Gillette Stadium this offseason that go far beyond just the staff who will be running things. The most notable change has been the removal of the "Do your job" slogans, which were replaced by new ones around the halls introduced by Jerod Mayo.

But new mantras for the team to live by are not all that has been noticed behind the scenes. Apparently, a new Patriots logo is being teased, and based on fans' reactions, it's not a good one.

The flying Elvis upgrade was first seen during a video call with Eliot Wolf last week, with the new logo as his background. It was then essentially confirmed when former Patriots linebacker Brandon Spikes visited his old stomping grounds, documenting his trip on social media, which showed the new logo.

The photo then prompted an online debate amongst the fans about what a new permanent logo might be. Although most aren't exactly in love with the current one, the response to what might become the new norm wasn't positive.

Because it became such a hot topic in New England, some fans mocked up what the Patriots helmets might look like with the new logo in place, which made most hate it even more.

It seems like the consensus is it's a cool image to use on merchandise and murals around the stadium, but that's it. Even if many fans have called for an updated logo for years, this isn't what anyone was expecting or hoping for.

The Patriots have not said anything since the posts with the logo went viral, which might be a good thing. It could just be a misunderstanding, as the image is just a fixture around the stadium, and there are no plans to utilize it outside the Gillette Stadium walls.

That would be the best scenario unless there is a plan to use it on merchandise. In that case, fans would be all over it.

Otherwise, a newly implemented logo shouldn't be introduced in this way, especially one that is so drastically different from what they have currently.

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