Patriots trash famous Bill Belichick mantra at Gillette Stadium

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When a longtime coach like Bill Belichick leaves a team, there are bound to be more significant changes to be made. Other than a complete overhaul of the staff, Gillette Stadium is seeing a lot of moderations, some of which were initially implemented by the legendary coach.

Some of it can be attributed to trying to start fresh with a new era, allowing new coach Jerod Mayo to make the locker room reflect the kind of atmosphere he hopes to create as they move forward.

Other changes could be chalked up to trying to erase Belichick's memory from the building, which has been a debated topic throughout the offseason.

The latest situation that could be labeled as either case is the apparent removal of Belichick's famous mantra, "Do your job," from around the stadium. It has been replaced with other words of encouragement that Mayo hopes to instill in his team, with one that reads, "Process. Progress. Payoff."

Patriots trash famous Bill Belichick mantra at Gillette Stadium for a new one

NFL reporter Cameron Wolfe wrote about all the new slogan additions he saw at Gillette in recent days, further proving the organization is moving in a new direction sans Belichick.

"Inside the Patriots facility, the walls tell the story of change. Nearly all the signs and emblems of the Belichick era, including those that read “The Patriot Way” and “Do Your Job,” have been replaced.

"Now, the first hallway signs you see when you walk in the building read, “We not me,” “Hard work works,” and “Process, Progress, Payoff,” — the latter is also the theme Mayo has set for his first season as head coach."

It has received positive feedback from players so far, like Ja'Whaun Bentley, who mentioned the update when speaking to the media earlier this week.

They are certainly good slogans for the team as they move on into a new era for the first time in over twenty years. It's clear Mayo is trying to set the tone of what he wants his coaching tenure to be, and he's ensuring he sends the message early in the offseason.

There's no issue with what he's done; it's more about whether there is an underlying anti-Belichick feeling to it all, which Robert Kraft has been accused of a lot over the last few months.

Hopefully, that's not the case, and this isn't the latest example of that. Fans and players have embraced the new era in New England and are excited about the future, but that doesn't mean you bite the hand that feeds you in the process.

The Patriots wouldn't have had a legendary run if Belichick had never steered the ship, so there's no reason to try to erase his impact so quickly after his departure.

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