New England Patriots top five draft needs for 2024

New England Patriots OT Trent Brown (77) and the rest of O-line needs to better protect QB Mac Jones (10).
New England Patriots OT Trent Brown (77) and the rest of O-line needs to better protect QB Mac Jones (10). / Eric Canha-USA TODAY Sports
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A New England Patriots fan succinctly summarized the Mac Jones conundrum with a post on X:

I’m just gonna say it, may as well ride out the year with Mac at QB1. It’s wild, but he simultaneously gives NE the best chance to win AND lose it seems. So both the tank and win crowd would be equally pleased.

There are rumors out there that Jones has lost the support of the team. A lot of fans want Jones benched in favor of just about anybody, myself included. I just want the Patriots to win again. And hopefully it’s not just one of the remaining eight games.

But for the fans who want the highest pick possible, they want the Patriots to lose out.

And like Daniel said, the QB that has the best chance to accomplish either objective, is Mac Jones.

So maybe Patriot Nation is stuck with Jones. But there is hope.

It's not too early to think about the New England Patriots' future with the present being so disappointing.

As bad as he was last season with Matt Patricia and Joe Judge running the offense, Jones was dramatically better in the second half of the 2022 season. Jones threw four scores and seven picks through the first six games and compiled a quarterback rating of 76. From week 10 on Jones had 10 TDs to 4 Ints with a 90.2 rating.

Maybe over the bye week, Jones regains confidence in the offensive line and stops throwing fadeaway passes. Stepping into his throws would fix so many of Jones’ biggest errors.

But that may not change a thing once the season ends and the front office evaluates the team. They may look at Jones’ body of work and determine his inconsistency isn’t worth investing a fifth year and search for his replacement.

Who that player is, is yet to be determined. But at this point, it’s hard not to assume a new face of the franchise will be found in the draft.