New England Patriots legend calls out Mac Jones for his recurring antics

Is Mac Jones misbehaving on the football field?
New England Patriots v New York Jets
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One of the best players in New England Patriots' history recently called out Mac Jones for some of his antics on the field that seem to be recurring. Mac Jones seems to be developing a reputation of perhaps not being the cleanest player in the NFL. Most recently, he's been accused of... ahem... hitting Sauce Gardner below the belt.

And Gardner brought receipts for this allegation, too.

Depending on who you ask, it does look like Jones makes a deliberate move below Gardner's belt, and this is not the first time Jones has been in the middle of some of these antics. This article outlines some of Jones' incidences pretty well. One of them came in 2021, where he grabbed Brian Burns' ankle:

Well, Patriots' legend Devin McCourty recently spoke on some of these incidents with Mac Jones:

""We can't come back and say, 'No, this isn't what (I) meant to do.' There's a lot of players that have played this game, and they're not involved in any of these things. So I think he does need to do a better job of finding his way out of whatever it is you wanna call it: the twisting of Brian Burns' ankle, I think Chicago it was the kick on a slide or something and even last year, cutting my guy, the corner in Miami, Eli Apple, all of these different things.

I think for anybody, you can't keep defending the same things. So I think he needs to do a better job of that. I don't think he's a dirty player or person, and I think somewhere along the line in his competitive edge, he's doing things that you don't really need to have on the football field. Ever.""

Devin McCourty

Honestly, McCourty has a point here. Mac Jones has been wrapped up in these incidents multiple times over his short career. It is something that has happened more and more, and there are hardly any other players that are in the news for this type of behavior. Maybe it is time that we have a conversation about some of the extracurricular things that Jones does on the football field.