New England Patriots: Latest mock has team landing franchise quarterback

The New England Patriots need a franchise quarterback.
North Carolina v Clemson
North Carolina v Clemson / Isaiah Vazquez/GettyImages

Currently, the New England Patriots pick third overall in the 2024 NFL Draft, and has a very skilled quarterback prospect being mocked to the team. If this scenario came true in April, the Patriots would surely be very satisfied with who they were able to land. A year that many thought would be a bounceback season for Mac Jones has turned into a season where Jones barely looks like a backup in the NFL.

Between that and the overall bad roster lacking talent, the Patriots need to land a franchise quarterback to jumpstart the rebuild. There are certain positions that teams can fill in the free agency market. I'd say that positons like ILB, S, and iOL are all positions that teams can fill in free agency to shore up the pieces to complete a rebuild.

Other positions like quarterback are positions that teams need to draft and develop. That's simply how it's done in the NFL. Well, in the latest mock draft from, the New England Patriots select UNC quarterback Drake Maye with their third overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft. The Patriots would see Maye fall into their laps after the Chicago Bears take Caleb Williams first overall, and the Arizona Cardinals take Marvin Harrison Jr second overall.

Many might prefer Harrison over Maye, but getting the QB right should be the top priority for the team in the coming offseason. Maye is a truly complete prospect. He stands at 6'4", can run, can throw on the run, has a great arm, and is very accuracy. He's a redshirt sophomore who has thrown 60 touchdowns and 14 interceptions over his last 25 games in college.

The Tar Heels are 8-3 and boast the 13th-best scoring offense in the nation, which is out of 133 teams. Maye is a bonafide stud and someone who is definitely going to start Week 1 of 2024 for a lucky team. And I've even seen people go as far as to say that Maye is the best QB prospect in 2024, which is a pretty bold statement.

Would the New England Patriots find their QB of the future with Drake Maye?