New England Patriots 7-round 2024 Mock Draft: Pats gets their QB for Week 1 of 2024

New England fixes its QB1 situation and gets needed offensive line help.

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The New England Patriots are going through their worst season since the earth began to cool. OK, that's not really the case, but after more than two decades of being great and a few seasons of being mediocre, this season is just a wreck. Blame management, injuries, or lack of good quarterback play; the point is there are a bunch of issues to fix.

The positive part is that the Patriots are set up well in terms of cap space in 2024, as New England currently has about $75 million to spend, the third-most in the NFL. New England obviously does not have a quarterback on the roster that will demand a high-dollar contract in a few years, either.

Say what you will about Mac Jones, but even if he improves a little, he isn't going to get paid $30-40 million in 2027.

Since the season has spiraled downward as well, New England is going to have a high draft pick (for our intent here, I used New England's current record, which would make them choose second in the 2024 NFL Draft) in the first round, plus picks high in each round thereafter.

For the mock draft, I used Pro Football Network's excellent mock draft simulator, which does offer trades, though I did not take any offered. So what will Bill Belichick and his friends do in the 2024 draft? Here are some guesses.

First-round, pick No. 2 overall - Patriots take quarterback Caleb Williams

. . 1. . Caleb. . 47. Round 1. Williams.

Do I think Caleb Williams doesn't go number 1 overall? No. But Pro Football Network's simulator had North Carolina's Drake Maye going first, so I chose Williams.

If the Patriots land either Williams or Maye, they would be a winner. Maye is a bit more inconsistent than Williams, but both quarterbacks have electric arms and can throw on the run (which is, unfortunately, a must with the Patriots as bad as the offensive line has been).

USC wasn't as good in 2023 as in 2022, but that was not Williams' fault. The Trojans defense was just awful late in the year. While Williams's overall numbers are not as good as last year, he still completed 68.6 percent of his passes and had 30 touchdown passes against just five interceptions. Williams could very well if the Patriots spend their money wisely in free agency and add a good wide receiver or two (hello, Tee Higgins!), have the kind of year that CJ Stroud is currently having for the Houston Texans.

The biggest key with Williams, and something that should transition to the NFL, is he simply doesn't create turnovers. In 1,099 pass attempts in college, he had just 14 interceptions. He might be ready to throw for 5,000 yards and 40 touchdowns as a rookie, but he also isn't going to be the reason the team loses.

Williams will very likely be the reason the Patriots steal a game or three in 2024.