Patriots Rumors: Dark horse replacements for Bill Belichick

New England Patriots, Bill Belichick
New England Patriots, Bill Belichick / Maddie Meyer/GettyImages
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Losers of five in a row and currently holding the no. 2 pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, the New England Patriots are headed for major changes after this season.

We know that these changes will include the quarterback position, but it could extend much further than that.

There have been plenty of rumors and whispers about the Patriots potentially firing head coach Bill Belichick, even though he was given an extension this past offseason. If Belichick were to be fired, the Patriots would have plenty of candidates to select from as his replacement.

The fact is, the Patriots need an offensive mind. The Patriots could go the orthodox route, or they could also go the route of a dark horse. If they went for the latter, these five candidates are worth monitoring.

1. Kevin Patullo, Associate Head Coach/Passing Game Coordinator, Philadelphia Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles have been one of the NFL's best teams over the course of the past two seasons, and much of their success has to do with their offense being a well-rounded and high-scoring unit.

Whether it's Nick Sirianni or offensive coordinator Brian Johnson, the Eagles have their share of great coaches on hand. But, their associate head coach Kevin Patullo might also get some consideration. You don't hear his name talked about as much as Johnson, but he does help scheme up the passing game and has been given the title of Associate Head Coach, and that has to mean something.

If the Patriots had the idea of going with an underrated offensive mind coming from a fantastic coaching tree, for years in Philadelphia, then Patullo might be of interest.