Patriots News: Bill Belichick, Matthew Judon, Josh Uche, and Caleb Williams

  • Patriots HOFer doesn't believe Bill Belichick should be fired
  • Josh Uche reveals interest in returning on a new contract
  • Patriots show interest in Caleb Williams
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Catch up with all the latest happenings surrounding the New England Patriots during their Week 11 bye week.

Matt Light believes Bill Belichick should remain the Patriots head coach

The conversation about what the Patriots should do regarding the future of the team continues to be a heated debate. Some believe Robert Kraft should make the ultimate change, firing nearly all current coaches to start fresh with an all-new staff, while others seem to be on the fence about Bill Belichick being stripped of his head coach title.

Fans and media members have made their voices heard, with most being split on the issue. But now we're beginning to hear more from former players Belichick coached for much of their careers express their take on the matter.

The latest to join the conversation is Patriots Hall of Famer Matt Light, who defended the longtime head coach while discussing the idea of him coaching elsewhere next season while appearing on MassLive's "Eye On Foxboro" podcast last week.

"I never thought Tom Brady would be allowed to leave. I never thought Lawyer Milloy would be cut right before Week 1. I didn’t think Logan Mankins would be let go. I didn’t think a lot of things over the years, but I also know I don’t want Bill’s job, and I don’t know anyone who could do it better.

So when it comes to the conversation as of late, whether or not (Robert) Kraft or anyone else should have a conversation about moving on from Bill, I have to just say, if not Bill, then who? That’s the most important question."

No matter what side of the argument you're on, it's a question that many seem unable to answer.

If Belichick were fired by season's end, who would be the best candidate to replace him? We knew the quarterback to take the reigns from Tom Brady would be subject to scrutiny for years to come; imagine how amplified that could be for the guy who replaces Belichick.

Some names have been floated since the conversation about his job security has grown, with some believing it could be Jerod Mayo, who has looked primed to take over at some point, or even Mike Vrabel, who the Patriots would have to trade for to make happen.

It remains speculation, of course, with no clear answer about who would be the best fit if the decision needs to be made, and it will likely stay that way until if or when the time comes.