Mac Jones' decision-making is "infuriating" people inside the organization

Oh boy...
Washington Commanders v New England Patriots
Washington Commanders v New England Patriots / Adam Glanzman/GettyImages

A report from the well-connected Albert Breer says that the various decisions that Mac Jones makes during games is beginning to "infuriate" people within the organization. I think when Breer reports something, people listen, and because it's usually always true.

On NBC Sports Boston, Breer talks about this more in-depth and cites a couple of examples of decisions that have apparently angered people within the organization. At this point, why is the team still trotting Mac Jones out there if this report is even the slightest bit true?

It seems like every day, there is a new report of something going wrong with the New England Patriots, once a team that everyone feared. Now, the Patriots are a team that opposing teams can beat up on for an easy win. With two wins in their first nine games, the season is toast. It's done. There is no saving it, and it's baffling that the team didn't make a move at the deadline in terms of selling off players.

Mac Jones' various passive-aggressive comments here and there are surely not making people within the team happy, either. The player was very good as a rookie and has just fallen apart over the last two years. I don't think outrageous to suggest that the 2022 season truly ruined Mac Jones. He likely expected to build on his excellent 2021 season, but Matt Patricia and Bill Belichick had other plans, it seems.

The offense is arguably the worst in the NFL and the defense has been missing its two best players for weeks now. There really is no digging themselves out of this massive ditch, and if people within the organization are "infuriated" with Mac Jones, what does that tell you? If the starting QB, alleged franchise QB seemingly has some enemies, this ship has already sunk.

Going forward, nothing other than a full teardown is needed. A "rip it down to the studs" rebuild is what this team needs. There are no shortcuts with rebuilding teams, and the New England Patriots need to embrace it.