Bill Belichick: If legendary coach gets fired, where could he end up in 2024?

Will Bill Belichick be coaching the New England Patriots in 2024?
New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins
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Based on some of the chatter that we've read and heard within the Patriots Wimedia, I do think there is a real possibility that Bill Belichick is not the head coach of the team in 2024. If that is the case, would Belichick want to continue his coaching career?

That sounds silly; like, of course, right? Why would he all of a sudden step away from the game if he is let go from the Patriots? Well, perhaps Belichick can't envision teaching for another team at this point. He's also 71 years old and would have to kind of uproot himself and make a new home with a new team.

Reports are swirling that Bill Belichick's job could be on the line this week when the Patriots take on the Indianapolis Colts in Germany. Here's what Ben Volin had to say about this situation:

"“Based on my conversations, I don’t think it’s 100 percent that Belichick finishes out this season. These next two games before the bye are huge, particularly the Germany game, which is practically the team’s Super Bowl for the Krafts,” Volin wrote. “If Belichick loses at home to the Commanders and then to the Colts, and comes home from Germany with a 2-8 record, I think there’s a chance the Krafts could make the move in the bye week and install Jerod Mayo as the interim coach for the final seven games.”"

Ben Volin

This is major stuff, gang. Let's dive into three teams that could hire Bill Belichick in 2024 if he is let go by the team.

Bill Belichick: If legendary coach gets fired, where could he end up in 2024?
The Chicago Bears might jump at the chance to hire Belichick

The Chicago Bears are in a similar boat to the New England Patriots, but the main difference here is that the Bears have been incompetent for years now. The Bears should probably gear towards hiring someone with a clear plan to field a competent offense and someone who would build a great staff.

That is something that Belichick has struggled with in recent years. However, the Bears have had instability in the very recent past, so they might love the idea of bringing Belichick in to at least bring a bit of that to the franchise. I think this could work out well if the Bears also had a separate person installed as the GM.

This would kind of be like Bill Parcells coaching a team for several years, getting them in the right direction, and saying goodbye.