Kendrick Bourne's passive comments about former Patriots coach Matt Patricia continue

And he's not wrong with what he's saying.
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No matter how optimistic of a Patriots fan someone claims to be, it became increasingly difficult to uphold that mentality watching the 2022 season unfold, and the struggles continue through 18 weeks of games.

On top of that, starting in the spring, hearing how absolutely deflated the players were also made it nearly impossible.

Besides Mac Jones, who faced a lot of adversity in his second season last year, Kendrick Bourne was another player who found himself in a difficult spot. Training camp began with him being placed in what most were calling Matt Patricia's doghouse, and that grudge from the head coach seemed to continue throughout the entire season.

After accomplishing one of the best seasons of his NFL career in 2021, Bourne became an invisible man within the Patriots offense. What once looked like a promising receiver with the potential to become even better in year two went backward and created more issues offensively.

He didn't take too kindly to the treatment he received, and the minimal opportunities made him share his built-up emotions with the media multiple times during the season. Although he tried his best to stick to the "Patriot way" of how to speak to reporters, his candid statements were clearly rooted in overall disappointment and maybe even anger.

The debate of how much of a negative impact Patricia had on the offense and team, in its entirety, could go on for hours, but one thing has become very clear since the start of the 2023 offseason; Patriots players are happy he's out, and Bill O'Brien is in.

Bourne's latest comments after Monday's practice about the state of the offense make that even more abundantly clear.

"We’re doing really well. …We’re really poised. Knowing what we’re doing together. Knowing each other. Communicating well. I think our communication is a lot better than it’s been.

I think we’re doing good. Mac is doing a great job of controlling the offense. … Having control, knowing what he’s doing. It feels more complex, but it’s better. Not being so one-dimensional, the defenses have to do more to stop us. So, I feel like we’re more versatile."

The receiver's comments may not seem like much to the average fan. But knowing the turmoil the offense went through, which was intensely felt by Bourne and Jones specifically, it's clear they are digs at the former offensive coordinator, who now resides in Philadelphia.

And can you blame him?

Everyone outside the team knew Patricia was the wrong choice at the time, and his performance in every game hammered that home even more. Fans took to social media to complain about what was happening as they witnessed the offense's struggles, so it's unthinkable to imagine how frustrated the players must've felt.

Bourne also touched on that point a bit when discussing the growth he's seen in Mac Jones this year.

"He just seems poised, man. Like, he sees what’s going on. I’m proud of that guy and how, with what we went through last year, to bounce back and just be focused and moving forward — it’s awesome to see his mindset."

The "what we went through last year" hits hard.

Now that we can finally move on from the 2022 season altogether, it's refreshing to hear such positivity and optimism from the players this year, especially with so much negativity surrounding them about their chances to be successful.

Hopefully, that will continue, and O'Brien's presence and influence will remain favorable to the team.