4 reasons to feel optimistic about the New England Patriots' upcoming season

Buffalo Bills v New England Patriots
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The shift in attitude from the whole team

One of the most noticeable things about the 2022 season was the overall energy loss from the team. Even before the season began, a lack of excitement was quite apparent when players spoke to the media or even when they were practicing. That attitude remained throughout the year and, in some cases, only worsened.

Considering what they were all dealing with, from Matt Patricia and Joe Judge to heartbreaking losses that were difficult to recover from, it's not surprising every week was challenging to be optimistic.

Unfortunately, most media and fans criticized specific players for their way of handling that stress and frustration, which seemingly made the situation even worse.

Now that one of the most significant contributors to the stress and struggle of last season has moved on to another team (Patricia), and the other has been moved back to his usual position with special teams (Judge), there has been a visible shift within the team as they prepare for the upcoming season.

Many have touted the personnel changes as the primary reason for the infusion of excitement, while others have credited the guys on the team for helping make the change.

But no matter what it is, the fact there is united optimism and enthusiasm from all facets of the team is a reason for the fans to feel more comfortable looking forward to a bounce-back year from the Patriots.