Julian Edelman feels the leaks about Bill Belichick's contract were "very odd"

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Since the bombshell report about Bill Belichick allegedly signing a contract extension prior to the start of the season was dropped not long before the Patriots took on the Bills, there has been a lot of speculation about what the details of the contract could be.

Because it seems apparent that the story was leaked to the press, with some believing someone on Belichick's behalf did it, the assumption is there was a hidden motive behind the leak and the timing it was revealed.

It's no secret that the head coach's job security appeared in jeopardy this season, as the Patriots started 1-5 before their impressive win over Buffalo in Week 7. Couple that with the two disappointing seasons after Tom Brady left and Robert Kraft expressing his disappointment multiple times, the belief that Belichick was essentially immortal started to be questioned.

All of the conversations surrounding the uncharacteristic leaked report have remained a topic of interest over the last week, and in typical form, Belichick nor any other member of the organization would provide further details about the extension.

So, who's the next best person to try getting insight from? A former player, of course! And who better than Julian Edelman, right? Well, at least, according to Colin Cowherd.

The retired receiver recently appeared on "The Herd" and was asked for his thoughts on the whole Belichick story. He expressed his confusion about the story, sharing that nobody within the organization outside of Belichick and the Krafts knew anything regarding the specifics of the head coach's contract.

It was one aspect of New England they have become known for, remaining tight-lipped on as many things as possible.

But Edelman did share that he believes the report could mean one of two things: there's some heat on Belichick to get things straight ASAP, or he will be looking for a new job sooner than expected. Or it adds some pressure to the players, who have clearly been hearing what the media has been saying and will need to "straighten up because he's going to be around for three more years."

No matter the reasoning, it's fair to assume that Edelman is on the right track. There was definitely a reason for the leak, but we won't find out the real meaning of it until something big happens.