Jaheim Bell just set impossible standards for his career with the Patriots

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The incoming rookie class has already made quite the impression since being drafted last month, and not just because of their talent. Javon Baker made headlines when the Patriots selected him in the third round with an NSFW message to all the teams that passed on him.

Some of his fellow draft mates, like Drake Maye and Ja'Lynn Polk, have also made their presence known, much to the excitement of Patriots fans. But the latest player to make standout comments is one we haven't heard from much yet: Jaheim Bell.

The tight end was the Patriots' final draft pick in the seventh round and has been labeled a potential steal as he was projected to go much higher. He is set to join a tight end room led by Hunter Henry and newcomers Austin Hooper and Mitchell Wilcox, with the expectation of eventually becoming the TE2 on the roster.

Bell is excited about having some good mentors early on in his career, but he also shared his desire to follow in the footsteps of legendary Patriot and the greatest tight end in the history of the NFL, Rob Gronkowski.

Jaheim Bell just set impossible standards for his career with the Patriots

We heard about Bell's hopes to be the next Gronk after rookie minicamp this past weekend when he spoke to reporters about how it felt to be drafted by the historically successful team.

"It was very exciting (getting picked by the Patriots). Just knowing ... a huge name that a tight end played here, Gronk, I feel like, I can follow his footsteps."

While his aspirations are admirable, they are quite large footsteps to follow.

Whether it ever happens or not, Bell's desire to be the best he can be or even the best the Patriots have ever seen sets the bar high very early in his career. Although some might think it's the kiss of death to make such a statement, his confidence and eagerness to make an impact don't go unnoticed.

He explained what parts of Gronkowski's game he loved the most and what he thinks he could also bring to the offense moving forward.

"His catching ability. Also, his physicality. He’s a very strong guy. I feel like I’m a very strong guy, as well. So I just feel like stacking days, each day, I feel like I can be another great as well."

He might not have the size to match the future Hall of Famer, but Bell's ambition will surely aid his development over the next several years. If he can even be half of what Gronk was for the Patriots, they really struck gold by drafting him.

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