Jacoby Brissett understands critical role with the Patriots this season

Brissett is no stranger to mentoring UNC Quarterback's
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Anytime a team drafts a rookie quarterback, fans and teammates always look at the structure in place and who the veterans are in the quarterback room. So far, the Patriots decision to bring back Jacoby Brissett seems to be a good one.

Jacoby Brissett, the seasoned NFL quarterback, has expressed his enthusiasm for mentoring Drake Maye, the talented young quarterback. In recent comments, Brissett has praised Maye's skills and work ethic, signaling a positive and supportive dynamic between the two.

In 2016, Brissett was a rookie on the Patriots team, with Tom Brady leading the offense. He spoke about his first run with the Patriots in an article by NESN.

"When I was here the first time, you realize everyone is your mentor that’s older than you or had more experience. I hope I’m that for more than just Drake and be a helping person for players on this team."

Brissett is no stranger to this role. Most recently, he mentored Commanders quarterback Sam Howell, a 5th-round pick in the 2022 draft. Before that, Howell was teammates with Drake Maye at UNC during the 2021 season.

"When people ask that about (mentoring) other guys, I don't understand the bad part. I'm a teammate first. I hope I can be a good teammate to not only him but everyone on this team."

With his wealth of experience, Brissett is well-positioned to guide Maye through the challenges of professional football. He has spoken highly of Maye's physical abilities, noting his strong arm and quick decision-making. Moreover, Brissett's mentorship will also impact Maye's dedication to film study and practice, which are essential qualities for NFL success.

Drake Maye has already made an excellent impression on Jacoby Brissett

Impressing the fans and media is one thing, but when a rookie quarterback receives high praise from those who have been around the game for a while, you know he must be good. Brissett shared his early review of what he's seen from Maye, emphasizing the young quarterback's desire to learn and grow.

"He (Maye) can make all of the throws. He wants to learn football, and he wants to get better. That's what you want not only in your quarterback but anybody on the team. I'm excited to work with him."

Patriots reporter Evan Lazar shared a recent Brissett comment in a tweet. "He's already texting me about plays and 'How do I think about this?' and cadence and stuff like that. Just all of the little nuances of being in this position at this level."

By sharing his own experiences and insights, Brissett aims to help Maye navigate the mental and emotional aspects of the game.

The team-first comments from Brissett have sparked a wave of anticipation around the team. Many are eagerly awaiting the mentor-mentee dynamic to unfold. As the season progresses, fans will no doubt keep their eyes on how Maye evolves under Brissett's guidance.

Most expect Brissett to be the starter, at least early in the season. With Brissett's support and experience, Maye could make significant strides in his rookie year.

Jacoby Brissett's enthusiasm for mentoring Drake Maye is not just a personal endeavor; it's a testament to his leadership and commitment to the team's success. As the two quarterbacks collaborate, fans can anticipate exciting developments on the field, fueled by Brissett's guidance and Maye's raw talent. 

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