4 new Patriots players who will be upgrades this season

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QB Jacoby Brissett

The quarterback room has been a problem in New England since Tom Brady left after the 2019 season. Although it hasn't been entirely the players' fault, they seemed to be more of a liability during a game than a help.

That became the main issue during the 2023 season as Mac Jones turned the ball over more than he scored, resulting in his final benching late in the season. Bailey Zappe was then given the reins after an impressive rookie run when Jones was injured the year before.

We didn't see a repeat of that impressive performance this time around, but at that point, Belichick was forced to keep him in for the remainder of the season. It was clear neither was the answer at quarterback, and they would draft their future franchise player in the draft. But before that, the new regime signed a familiar veteran who is an immediate upgrade just by being in the room.

Jacoby Brissett began his career with the Patriots and became a journeyman quarterback after he was traded. His connection to new offensive coordinator Alex Van Pelt is the primary reason for his return, and it makes a lot of sense since the best statistical season of his career was when Van Pelt was calling plays for him in Cleveland.

He is now the presumed starter before Drake Maye is ready to go, and because of the reunion with Van Pelt, Brissett is expected to be a solid bridge quarterback. He gives the Patriots a better chance of winning than Zappe and might surprise the doubters with his performance this season.