It's time for the Patriots to move on from Mac Jones

One playoff season followed by mediocre quarterback is not enough to earn a second contract with the Patriots
New England Patriots v Las Vegas Raiders
New England Patriots v Las Vegas Raiders / Ethan Miller/GettyImages

Sunday has come and gone, and it resulted in another Patriots loss, this time to the Las Vegas Raiders. The Patriots now sit at 1-5 with many coming to the fact that this is now a lost season. There are many to blame, from Bill Belichick's inability to put together the roster and failure to coach this team, Robert Kraft keeping Belichick around, and the offense's failure. With the offense, there are many players and coaches to blame. Let's start with the quarterback, Mac Jones.

Now, is Mac Jones the main problem with the offense? No. But he is slowly becoming a major problem. Jones is in his third year in the league and is still making rookie mistakes. From throws across the field to just ugly interceptions and not throwing the ball away, it looks like a circus show when Jones takes the field. This week against the Raiders the Patriots finally found the end zone after not scoring a touchdown for 12 straight quarters. Where was Mac Jones on the scoring play? The bench. Most plays in that drive were run plays as all of Jones' completions were short gains for five yards or less.

Jones also still has the tendency to do too much on plays that should result in him throwing the football out of bounds. Now, it's not his fault entirely, but you'd think that in year three of his young career Jones would figure it out and learn to throw the ball away instead of trying to force a pass in a tight window (which is something Jones also struggles with).

There's also the fact that Jones does not protect the ball well. This season alone he has seven interceptions with three of them being pick-sixes. Jones has also fumbled the ball twice this season. In total, that's nine turnovers in six games. As a quarterback with a failure of an offense, it's hard to ignore how much of a problem Jones has become this season after a good start in the season opener against the Philadelphia Eagles.

With nine total turnovers in six games, and an offense that is struggling to score and constantly stalls once they reach midfield, it's time to move on from Mac Jones. With the season all but lost, Mac shouldn't see the field anymore as it's been the same charade this season; immediately falling behind after a Jones turnover followed by poor offensive play from the offense.

Even though there's very little value in Jones, the Patriots could possibly trade Jones to a team that is in need of a quarterback and could use one who needs a fresh start. Teams like the Las Vegas Raiders, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Minnesota Vikings will all be in the market for a quarterback in the offseason. The Raiders especially could trade for Jones to capitalize on the Jones and Josh McDaniels partnership as Jones only looked good with McDaniels as his offensive coordinator.

The Patriots have two quarterbacks in Malik Cunningham and Will Grier who have not seen the field (other than Cunningham who was on the field a small handful of times against the Raiders), and should be seeing the field. Bailey Zappe has proven that he isn't worthy of seeing the field this season, so it wouldn't hurt any more than it already does to give Cunningham and Grier a shot to run the offense.

A promising beginning to his career (and this season) has crashed and burned for Mac Jones. Maybe he'll be serviceable elsewhere, but in New England, Jones has run his course in a Patriots uniform.