Mac Jones' statistics through Week 6 are almost unbelievable

QB Mac Jones is playing terrible football i 2023.
New England Patriots v Las Vegas Raiders
New England Patriots v Las Vegas Raiders / Ethan Miller/GettyImages

New England Patriots' QB Mac Jones looks like a backup quarterback out there, and his statistics through six games are almost unbelievable. Mac Jones is not playing well, folks. Sure, it's not all his fault, but this is bad. Let's dive into just how inefficient he's been this year.

Among all starting quarterbacks in the NFL, Mac Jones ranks 29th in passer rating with a 74.4 number. That only ranks ahead of Zach Wilson, Ryan Tannehill, and Daniel Jones, three quarterbacks who are surely not part of their current team's future plans.

Quarterbacks who we perhaps thought were not as good as Mac Jones like Bryce Young, Jordan Love, Kenny Pickett, and Desmond Ridder all have higher passer ratings than Jones. He ranks 24th in the NFL among qualified starting quarterbacks with just five touchdown passes. QBs like Young, Ridder, Joshua Dobbs, and Jimmy Garoppolo have all thrown more TD passes than Mac Jones.

He ranks 18th in passing yards with 1,208. That isn't too low, but consider that Jones and the Patriots have played from behind a lot, so they've had to throw the ball to at least try to stay in these games. His completion percentage is 64.2%, which is ahead of sub-par passers like Ridder, Young, Dobbs, Tannehill, Just Fields, and Zach Wilson.

When you look at Mac Jones from a statistical perspective, he's among the worst starting quarterbacks in the entire NFL, which is almost hard to believe. Sure, Jones had a rough 2022 season, but most of that was not his fault. Bill Belichick put a defensive coordinator in charge of the offense, and I don't think any QB could have excelled in that system.

However, while most of us did not expect Jones to be elite in 2023, him being this inefficient only confirms the idea that he is not a franchise QB in the NFL. For the betterment of the New England Patriots, it's time to throw in the towel on Mac Jones.