Is Taylor Swift at the Patriots game vs. the Chiefs in Week 15?

Los Angeles Chargers v Kansas City Chiefs
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One of the biggest stories of the 2023 NFL season has inarguably been the presence of Taylor Swift at Kansas City Chiefs games. The accomplished singer started attending the reigning Super Bowl Champions' games earlier this season, as she and Travis Kelce began dating.

Because of her star power and incredible influence on millions of fans, she has been continuously shown during the broadcasts, with reporters and networks even dubbing 'Taylor watch' to see if she will be in a suite for the next game.

Now that the Patriots are welcoming Kelce's team to Gillette Stadium in Week 15, many will inevitably be hoping to see Swift in a box suite for the game. Since her tour doesn't kick off again until early next year, it's believed she will be making the trip to Foxboro for a critical game on the Chiefs' schedule.

Given how big of a story it continues to be this season, reporters broke the news (according to their sources) that she will, in fact, be at the game on Sunday.

This will be Swift's first time at the stadium, not as a performer, but as a fan. She has repeatedly sold-out concerts at the venue over the years, with her most recent tour stop happening this past summer.

That's partly what will make the entire situation even more interesting since she has professed her love of the stadium over the years, and her boyfriend, Kelce, has named the Patriots his least favorite team and fanbase in the league.

While it's yet to be solidified that she is at the game, her fans have not wanted to risk a chance to see her outside of a concert. They have jumped on the Chiefs fan bandwagon, too, as the sheer idea of her presence has prompted them to buy tickets just in hopes of seeing her on the big screen or in the suite.

It has all paid off the NFL, as Swift's appearances at six games thus far have helped skyrocket ticket and merchandise sales over the course of the season.

Hopefully, this will be another good game for her to attend despite most believing the Patriots don't have a chance. The Chiefs are coming off another loss, which may play as extra motivation for them coming into this game. But with all the rumors coming out of New England, the home team may want to prove the naysayers wrong by spoiling their rivals' easy path to another Super Bowl.

This page will be updated when details are shared about Taylor Swift's arrival (or not) at Gillette Stadium.


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