Bold predictions for Patriots vs. Chiefs Week 15: A shock for Taylor Swift

  • Attempting to limit Patrick Mahomes
  • An efficient Zappe
  • Who wins?

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We are living in a Bailey Zappe world, and Taylor Swift will just have to come to terms with that eventually. That is the hope anyway, right? The New England Patriots need someone to step up and take command of the QB1 spot, and why shouldn't that be Zappe? He's not truly yet proven he cannot do that job.

There is also a decent chance that Patriots fans and lots of Swifties will get to see Taylor Swift at the game. She is on break from her Eras tour, her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, is a great tight end for New England's opponent, the Kansas City Chiefs, and Swift seemingly loves to fly around and show up at Kelce's games. Maybe, if we are really lucky, we might even catch a conversation between Patriots head coach Bill Belichick and Taylor Swift. Wouldn't that be fun?

I only bring up Swift so much because everybody and Billie Eilish's brother are being asked about the potential of New England taking on Swifties and the Chiefs. This includes, of course, Bailey Zappe, who was asked on WEEI's "Jones and Mego" show this week about whether he is a Taylor Swift fan. While some media outlets have said Zappe danced around the question, that doesn't appear to be the truth.

Bold guesses for the New England Patriots vs. Kansas City Chiefs in Week 15

In fact, Zappe was pretty candid about the megastar. "I’m not like not a fan; I just don’t listen to that music," Zappe said. Instead, the Western Kentucky quarterback said he prefers country music. (Maybe Zappe is still too young to remember Swift started in country music.)

But Week 15 is not about Swift, and instead is rightfully about Zappe's Patriots and Patrick Mahomes' Chiefs. So what will happen when the teams play? Here are three bold guesses.