Former QB's comp for Drake Maye means Patriots might have hit the jackpot

Miami v North Carolina
Miami v North Carolina / Grant Halverson/GettyImages

Leading up to the 2024 NFL Draft, it was widely assumed the Patriots were going to use their coveted third overall pick to select their next franchise quarterback. Who that player would be remained up to speculation, with varying opinions regarding who was the best equipped for the job.

Once it was announced that they had made their choice, UNC's Drake Maye, many suggested what type of player the quarterback was and whether he was a good fit for the direction the Patriots were hoping to move in.

Some felt he would be the next Mitch Trubisky, a North Carolina alum who received the same scrutiny for his age and lack of experience. Others believed he was the best quarterback of the class, besides Caleb Williams, who was the first overall pick.

The truth likely lies in the middle of that spectrum, whatever that may be, and the latest comp for a respected retired quarterback might be a perfect example of who Maye could develop into throughout his NFL career.

Matt Hasselbeck's comp for Drake Maye could mean big things for the Patriots

Since he was drafted, analysts and fans have been actively sharing their opinions on the type of quarterback Maye will be for the Patriots and any other team he might end up with, which are genuinely very different.

Fortunately, guys who have played the position have also shared their predictions, with the latest being former Seahawks quarterback turned ESPN analyst Matt Hasselbeck.

While speaking with Patriots reporter Mike Reiss in recent days, the retired quarterback shared his comp for Maye, who he believes is like Justin Herbert, and that's certainly great news if you're a New England fan.

“To me, he’s a lot like Justin Herbert. So if you like Justin Herbert, I think you’ll like Drake Maye. And I really like Justin Herbert.

“I think his best football is ahead of him. I love his personality. I love his demeanor. I love his toughness. I love his athleticism. Athleticism can get you in trouble sometimes, and it doesn’t always translate from college to the NFL, but I think his athleticism does. I think, more than anything, I think I really like the person. He has a contagious thing about him.”

Maybe Herbert hasn't won many playoff games or made it to the Super Bowl (which won't be easy for a team in the same division as the Chiefs), but it's hard to argue that he's not a talented player. If Maye plays anything like him, the Patriots are definitely in good hands.

Mayo and Wolf's interest in the Chargers quarterback around the draft makes the whole thing all the more interesting. It was reported they had reached out to LA about possibly trading for Herbert, which had been a rumor since they held the fifth overall pick.

Of course, the Chargers turned them down, but perhaps they got their version of him with Maye much easier and cheaper.

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