Former Patriots' All-Pro is trying to stir up drama with Matt Judon

This former Patriots' All-Pro seems to be seeking out drama with the team
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Former New England Patriots' All-Pro Asante Samuel is still trying to stir up drama with the team, this time with Pro Bowl pass rusher, Matt Judon. I am personally wondering if Asante Samuel touches grass, or just spends his time on social media trying to stir up nonsense. This time, the nonsense is directed towards pass rusher Matt Judon.

According to Mike Giardi, who might be the most connected reporter with the team, indicated that Judon might be a bit unhappy with his current contract that he is entering the third year on. He's had two breakout seasons with the Patriots. Here's what Giardi had to say:

"As I reported yesterday, the Patriots and Judon’s camp discussed his contract situation this offseason but no resolution was agreed upon. We remain hopeful that we’ll speak to Judon today; he’s tentatively scheduled to talk post-practice. Then again, it was the same yesterday but changed once Judon repaired to the lower grass fields with other players rehabbing various injuries. "

Mike Giardi

Matt Judon signed a four-year, $54.5 million deal with the Patriots for the 2021 season. The average annual salary of this deal comes out to be $13.625 per year. That number ranks 20th among all pass rushers in the NFL, which has now turned into a massively underpaid player. Judon has 28 sacks and 53 QB hits in two seasons with the Patriots, which are some of the highest numbers among all players in the NFL.

He had a whopping 15.5 sacks last year, which ranked as tied for fourth-place in the league, ahead of players like Micah Parsons, Maxx Crosby, and Brian Burns. The one thing that is obviously not playing in Judon's favor is his age. He's turning 31 in August, so his age could be a concern for a potential new deal.

On the flip side of this, Asante Samuel is still trying to stir up some drama, and it seems like he's been doing this for months now. Here's what he had to say about this situation:

Samuel is evidently trying to insist that Judon might not be a fan of Bill Belichick since he may want his contract adjusted. But Judon clapped back:

What a stellar zinger from Judon. He's been nothing but a professional since arriving in New England and has been a fabulous teammate and player. He's the best player on the defense and has put up sensational numbers. Is it possible that he does want money added to his deal? Sure, it definitely is, but Judon doesn't appear to be pushing that issue. I think he's fine playing on his current salary, but if there's opportunity for it to be enhanced, he'll surely take that extra change.

Still, though, Asante Samuel is yet again trying to be relevant.