We finally have a definitive answer about Tom Brady's future in the NFL

Wild Card Round - Tennessee Titans v New England Patriots
Wild Card Round - Tennessee Titans v New England Patriots / Maddie Meyer/GettyImages

With any legendary player announcing their retirement, there is speculation regarding if they will truly remain on the sideline since so many in the past have chosen to come back. That's precisely what happened with Tom Brady, who announced he would be retiring after the end of the 2021-2022 season.

By now, we know that lasted only 40 days, and then the quarterback revealed he would return for a 23rd season.

Because he had massive success early on with the Bucs, earning his seventh Lombardi trophy with a win in Super Bowl LV, it wasn't a complete surprise that Brady would want to try and win one more before hanging it up.

Unfortunately, the following season didn't go as planned.

Tampa had a rough season, going 8-9, and somehow managed to still make the playoffs due to a non-competitive division. But that postseason run was cut short by a considerable loss to the Cowboys on Wildcard Weekend.

Just a few weeks later, Brady announced he was retiring again. But he assured the fans and media that this time was it; he would not change his mind.

However, until recently, rumors have swirled that the quarterback had been contemplating yet another return to football, especially after hearing he would not be starting his gig with Fox Sports until the 2024 regular season.

So far, he has yet to indicate that he will be making a comeback, and his latest business venture nearly guarantees it won't happen.

It was announced this week that Brady's deal to buy a stake in the Las Vegas Raiders had become official, making him just the third player in league history to become an owner of a team in the NFL.

With that development, Brady will only be allowed to suit up again if all 32 teams vote to let it happen, according to the NFL rule book. Because of the financial interest that inevitably comes with being an owner, they are forbidden to play football, thus making it unlikely that teams around the league who Brady tortured for 23 years would unanimously vote to let him go one more season.

Since he was almost certainly aware of this upon agreeing to buy a stake in the Raiders, it seems safe to say that Brady is officially done on the field.