Report: Tom Brady might not be sold on working for Fox Sports

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A new report from Andrew Marchand of the New York Post indicates that former Patriots' QB Tom Brady might not follow through with his commitment to work for Fox Sports. Phil Simms had chimed in on this a while ago, and now an actual report might spell bad news for those who wanted to see Brady in the booth in 2024.

Here's what Andrew Marchand of the New York Post had to say about this situatiobn

""I've talked to a couple of people recently close to Brady and I kind of feel like I'm going more 49 percent chance he does it, 51 percent chance he doesn't. I don't think he wants to travel that much. ... I think Brady's a guy who if he's in, he's all in. So he's not going to be showing up day of games like Joe Buck and [Troy] Aikman do sometimes. He's going to be there early if he's going to do it, so it's a four-day event. ... He shares his kids with Gisele [Bundchen]. I think that's very important to him, and he can make money elsewhere.""

Andrew Marchand

According to Marchand, based on who he talked to, Brady might not seem fully bought in to the idea of all of the responsibilities that may come with being a broadcaster. I think most in the Patriots' fanbase would love to see Tom Brady back in the spotlight, but given what Marchand is quoted saying, he may not want that type of commitment.

Obviously, he and Gisele Bundchen recently got a divorce, and some of that seemed to have been due to Brady's perhaps over the top commitment to football at his advanced age. Marchand notes that the two parties share the kids and that Brady can make money elsewhere.

Honestly, all of this makes a ton of sense to me. Tom Brady's life has likely slowed down a bit now that he's officially done with football, and I think he likes it. He played football for about 25 years straight at the college and professional level, and part of me wonders if he was worried that he'd get bored once he was done with his career.

Now that he is done with his career, I bet you Brady has greatly enjoyed this new chapter of his life, and I don't think he's urgently wanting to take on something massive like this, but we'll see.