Eliot Wolf had three words to explain why Patriots drafted Joe Milton III

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The expectation for the Patriots in the 2024 NFL Draft was to select a quarterback that would presumably become the next face of the franchise. They did that by drafting Drake Maye with the third overall pick, which pleased most fans and reporters.

But they didn't stop with just one quarterback. The new regime shocked most of the NFL audience when it was announced they were drafting Joe Milton III, the quarterback from Tennessee in the sixth round.

He was one of the more highly touted mid round prospects that presumably would go to a team in need of a solid backup. Given the Patriots current quarterback room for the 2024 season, with Jacoby Brissett, Maye and Bailey Zappe under contract, adding another wasn't expected.

Despite that, the move was widely applauded because of the impressive arm that Milton has and the immense potential he's shown. He is an exciting addition to a revamped offense and will be fun to watch throughout the summer, but the question about why Jerod Mayo and Eliot Wolf decided to double dip at the position remained.

Eliot Wolf had three words to explain why Patriots drafted Joe Milton III

Because there were plenty of roster holes to deal with, and for the most part they addressed them all through the draft, some feel taking Milton was a waste. They had already taken Maye with the assumption he would backup Brissett with Zappe right behind him.

So why add Milton to the mix?

Wolf addressed that question during an appearance on NFL insider Adam Schefter's podcast last week and he summed up their reasoning in just a few words. The new executive vice president of player personnel stated that Milton had "too much talent" to pass over, even if they already had added Maye a few days before.

It certainly says a lot about how much they liked Milton to take him in the sixth round, especially with the other talent remaining on the board. He will inevitably be an asset to the roster and can add an extra bit of competition for Maye to work through, hopefully bringing out the best in both of them.

Watching the pair work together and against one another throughout the summer will be fun. What a treat it would be if the Patriots hit on two quarterbacks in the same draft. What a change that would be for the quarterback room from the last several years.

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