Updated Patriots QB depth chart after drafting Drake Maye and Joe Milton

New England added two quarterbacks in the 2024 NFL Draft.
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The quarterback position was clearly a priority for the New England Patriots heading into the 2024 NFL Draft, as the team selected not one, but two QBs, including top prospect Drake Maye, who the team snagged with the third overall pick in the draft. The Patriots also added Joe Milton in the sixth round.

New England will now have a plethora of quarterbacks on the roster heading into training camp . With that said, here's an updated look at their depth chart at the position following the draft.

Patriots QB depth chart

QB1: Jacoby Brissett

As the experienced veteran, Jacoby Brissett could enter the season as the starter for the Patriots, but the question is: How long will he remain in that role? There will be fans in New England clamoring for Maye to get the job from Day 1, but the Patriots appear prepared to take a patient approach

"I think to go back to Bill (Belichick), I don't think many rookies are ready to just jump in and play," Patriots head coach Jerod Mayo said at his press conference after the pick was made. "At the end of the day, our philosophy is the best players will play. Coming in as a rookie, hopefully he's a sponge. A lot of good players in that locker room."

Obviously, the plan is for Maye to ultimately become the franchise quarterback in New England, but fans might have to practice a little patience in the meantime.

QB2: Drake Maye

There will be some extremely high expectations for Maye heading into his rookie season after he was selected third overall, but he needs to employ an earned-not-given attitude as the Patriots have made it clear that a job won't be handed to anyone, even a highly-touted rookie.

“Our philosophy is, we’re going to compete in everything that we do on and off the field,” Mayo said of the situation. “We’ll put the best players out there that give our organization the best chance to win. So, we’ll have to see.”

Maye's time is coming. It's just a matter of when, not if.

QB3: Bailey Zappe

Zappe has the experience edge over the other quarterbacks remaining on the depth chart, and the experience edge as he started eight games for New England over the past two seasons. The Patriots went 4-4 during his starts, but his play wasn't awe-inspiring, to put it mildly. With Brissett and Maye ahead of him, Zappa shouldn't see the field much in 2024.

QB4: Nathan Rourke

The former CFL player has never taken a snap in the NFL, but the Patriots brought him back on a one-year deal after claiming him off waivers last December, so they obviously see something in him, He'll face some competition from rookie Joe Milton.

QB5: Joe Milton

Milton played five seasons of college football at Michigan and Tennessee, and the Patriots decided to take a gamble on him in the sixth round of this year's draft. It was a low-risk, potentially high-reward kind of move. Milton flashed some potential throughout his collegiate career, but his spot on the Patriots is far from guaranteed. Ultimately, he might have to beat out one, or two, other guys to secure a spot on the 52-man roster.