Darrelle Revis details Tom Brady's apology for Deflategate in "The Dynasty"

Wild Card Round - Tennessee Titans v New England Patriots
Wild Card Round - Tennessee Titans v New England Patriots / Maddie Meyer/GettyImages

Over the past several weeks, Apple TV+ has released two episodes on Thursday night of the new Patriots docuseries "The Dynasty," and every week, like clockwork, fans are having quite the response to what they just watched.

The series' reception hasn't been overly positive. In fact, it's been the complete opposite, with many feeling it was made as somewhat of a hit piece on Bill Belichick.

Regardless, one of the latest episodes covers the Deflategate scandal, and although most fans weren't too thrilled to watch it, it revealed some interesting tidbits of information that weren't previously known.

Besides reaffirming Roger Goodell's hypocritical goofball status, Darrelle Revis was one of the players featured in the episode. He spoke about the scandal and revealed how Tom Brady handled it all behind closed doors. He detailed the quarterback addressing the team through a tearful apology for the ensuing drama.

"When Deflategate happened and Tom was the headliner of the whole situation, he addressed us as a team. You could tell he was distraught. He was actually bawling his eyes out in front of us."

Considering the number of stories written for months and even years on end, going over every tiny detail surrounding the alleged deflation of footballs, this was one piece of information that hadn't ever been shared. It adds an even more human element to the situation and confirms to fans that Brady was not involved in any cheating scheme.

In the days after that AFC Championship game, the media tried to paint him as a villain and criticized every move and word he said about it. All the while, he was apologizing to his teammates through tears for the distraction it created while playing some of the best football of his entire career.

It's still a ridiculous accusation anyway, especially when you consider how the game went after halftime with the "properly inflated footballs" were introduced. And it was shown to be even more outrageous after the science proved the NFL's conclusion wrong.

Their sketchy behavior and handling of ball inflation afterward made it even worse. But that's a discussion for another day.

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