Creating the ultimate New England Patriots team that could win a Super Bowl in 2023

Pittsburgh Steelers v New England Patriots
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Special teams

Kicker: Stephen Gostkowski
Punter: Jake Bailey
Long snapper: Joe Cardona
Returner: Marcus Jones, Gunner Olszewski
Others: Justin Bethel, Cody Davis, Brenden Schooler, Matthew Slater

These choices feel pretty straightforward and obvious.

Choosing a kicker was probably the most difficult, actually, since Stephen Gostkowski had been a consistent performer for the Patriots for many years. But Nick Folk has also been that since signing with the team in 2019, making it a bit more difficult to go with Gostkowski.

However, longevity wins this one, so Gostkowski it is.

Although maybe controversial, going with Jake Bailey as the punter was more so due to how well he could have performed before being injured and ultimately released rather than how long he was part of the team.

The next few choices were the easiest decisions of all; Joe Cardona at long snapper and Marcus Jones and Gunner Olszewski as the returners.

Not much needs to be explained regarding the reason to go with Cardona; it feels pretty evident to almost any Patriots fan. But choosing Jones as the returner may spark some debate, mainly because he's only going into his second season in the NFL.

Having Jones on the team allows Belichick to use him in various ways. Technically listed as a cornerback, Jones has experience with all units of a football team. He can play offense, defense, and special teams, meaning he could be the go-to plug-and-play guy on the team that Belichick loves.

Plus, having Olszewski to split returns with would be vital to keep Jones healthy and allow him to be used in other areas of the team as well.

Then, of course, are the rest of the players that make up the special teams unit.

An ultimate Patriots team cannot be complete without Matthew Slater. There's not much else to say because he is the ultimate Patriot himself.

Joining him would be Justin Bethel, Cody Davis, and Brenden Schooler, all of whom had been or still are assets to the special teams operation. They would make them a solid unit the team needs heading into this upcoming season.