4 potential defensive team MVPs for the New England Patriots in 2023

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Marcus Jones

Given his incredible versatility, putting Marcus Jones into a singular role on offense, defense, or special teams is difficult. But since he's hoping to get back to his cornerback position, it seems fair to have him listed with other potential defensive MVPs.

Although it may be hard to believe after how he played last year, Jones is set to enter just his second season in the NFL this fall, and boy, does he have quite the foundation to launch from.

During his rookie season, there weren't many expectations for Jones in particular, especially since both he and Jack Jones were selected back-to-back in the draft earlier in the year. Neither were anticipated to become impactful players immediately, but Marcus soared once he was given the opportunity.

His most prominent role became the leading kick and punt returner, totaling just over 1,000 yards combined for the year. He certainly shined in that role, even securing a win over the Jets in week 11 with a return touchdown. But Bill Belichick was well aware of his flexibility and array of knowledge for the game of football, allowing him to utilize Jones on offense as well.

Jones was used sparingly throughout the year as a pass catcher for Mac Jones and had his most notable game in week 13 against the Bills when he scored his first receiving touchdown.

As if that weren't enough, he also made a mark on defense, nabbing two interceptions returned for 87 yards and a touchdown, demonstrating even more how brilliant of a player he really was.

Heading into this season, Jones' future is bright and limitless, considering his natural athleticism and skill. He will almost certainly be a leading candidate as a team MVP, not just defensively, but the team overall.