Creating the ultimate New England Patriots team that could win a Super Bowl in 2023

Pittsburgh Steelers v New England Patriots
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Tom Brady
Backups: Mac Jones, Brian Hoyer

Imagine a world where Tom Brady never left the Patriots and was still slinging the football up and down the field, even at 45.

Given his success during his three years with the Bucs, it's an absolute no-brainer to have him as the quarterback in this fantasy team-building scenario. And although in a perfect world, we would assume he would be healthy and not need to be on the sideline for any reason whatsoever, it would only be fair to list a backup quarterback just in case.

Looking back over the last five seasons, a truly elite quarterback hasn't stood out the most to be Brady's number two. But since Mac Jones has seen the most success since the GOAT's departure, it makes the most sense to have him on the bench for this ultimate team.

This would create an invaluable opportunity for Jones to learn from the greatest of all time, allowing him to pick the brain of a quarterback guru who has seen the most success of any quarterback in the history of the NFL.

It would likely be comforting to those questioning Jones' future as the Patriots quarterback. Knowing he was able to be mentored by a player they trust and respect could be what some fans need to be more optimistic about what Jones could do under center.

And then, of course, is Mr. Reliable Brian Hoyer.

Going into a new season with three quarterbacks is pretty standard and would make sense knowing the history and experience Hoyer has in the New England system. His presence would also be good for Jones, who he has already credited as a great teacher in their time together, and gives the team a security blanket in an emergency.