Could DeAndre Hopkins help save Bill Belichick's job beyond 2023?

Arizona Cardinals v Minnesota Vikings
Arizona Cardinals v Minnesota Vikings / David Berding/GettyImages

If the New England Patriots end up signing DeAndre Hopkins, could that end up saving Bill Belichick's job for the future after 2023? A move like this would make the main headlines in the NFL landscape, and it could end up paying off in a big way for the New England Patriots and Bill Belichick.

Much has been made about the last few seasons and how Belichick might be at the end of his rope in New England. Not making the playoffs in two of the last three seasons has put a huge strain on his head coaching tenure. This is obviously not the normal Patriots we are all used to, and for some teams, this might be business as usual, but not for New England.

While it's hard to envision the Pats making a big move to drastically sway their chance in 2023, simply because that isn't going to happen, signing DeAndre Hopkins is perhaps the best possible thing they can currently do. The Pats have needed true WR1 for years now, especially since Tom Brady's greatness is out of the picture.

Mac Jones can be fine, I think, but that's it. I do think he's a lot like Kirk Cousins in that he needs quite a bit around him to go right to succeed. Well, the Patriots' defense should be great, as usual, in 2023.

And adding DeAndre Hopkins to the mix would give the Patriots one of the best and deepest group of skill players in the NFL. Just think about all of the potential weapons if Hopkins is added:

DeAndre Hopkins

JuJu Smith-Schuster
DeVante Parker/Kendrick Bourne
Tyquan Thornton
Mike Gesicki
Hunter Henry
Rhamondre Stevenson
James Robinson

Let's be honest here, that is a stacked lineup of skill players, and all have been added by Bill Belichick over the last few seasons, so perhaps Belichick might deserve another year to hit his stride with the new-look offense if the team were to sign DeAndre Hopkins.

Could this be a job-saving move?