Bill Belichick reaches another coaching milestone with Patriots Week 6 game

New England Patriots v Dallas Cowboys
New England Patriots v Dallas Cowboys / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

The conversation surrounding the Patriots in 2023 so far has not been the most positive, including what has been said about Bill Belichick. But the legendary head coach just reached another milestone at the start of New England's Week 6 game against the Raiders.

Right at kickoff, the Patriots' Twitter account posted that with today's game, Belichick is just the third head coach in NFL history to reach 500 games, including the postseason. It's an incredible feat and a prime example of how accomplished and tenured Belichick is in the league.

Unfortunately, that hasn't been the conversation surrounding him as of late, and most of it is not unwarranted.

Although some of it is a bit extreme, like calling for his mid-season firing, many of the issues the Patriots have faced this season result from Belichick's questionable decisions, particularly with the offense.


With all of that being true, today's game is a good reminder of all the good that the head coach has done throughout his career in totality, but especially in New England. Not only has he helped coach the team to nine Super Bowls, they won six of them under his watch.

He's been a prime example of doing what's best for the team and not allowing the pressure from the rest of the league to dictate how he operates. That has been a critical component of his general manager tenure, which appears to be more problematic as of late. But it was the basis of putting together several championship-winning teams and affording a competent roster to do so.

Now that he's accomplished another milestone in his incredible career, it will be interesting to see if he will eventually break the all-time record held by Don Shula, who coached the most games ever with 526.

Belichick will get close to that with eleven games remaining on the schedule and will overtake Shula by coaching next season. However, with how this season is going and the whispers regarding his job security, he may not do that in New England.