Robert Kraft could make major organizational changes amidst Patriots dysfunctional season

Robert Kraft is apparently not happy with the New England Patriots.
New England Patriots v Dallas Cowboys
New England Patriots v Dallas Cowboys / Sam Hodde/GettyImages

Jeff Howe of The Athletic recently reported that Robert Kraft could make some pretty major organizational changes to the New England Patriots. Buckle up. Change could be on the horizon for the New England Patriots, and Kraft is not happy. Let's just get right into this.

Jeff Howe is pretty well-connected and had a ton to say in a recent article in The Athletic. Even the headline of his piece is pretty damning:

Many people have latched on to the idea that because of how successful Bill Belichick's tenure has been with the organization, and given that he is the head coach and general manager, he's basically there for as long as he wants to be. Well, according to Howe, that truly is not the case. Check out some of what Howe had to say in this major reporting:

""Kraft has grown frustrated, if not downright angry, over this shortage of success, according to people close to the situation."

"There's a school of thought that suggests Bill Belichick has earned the right to go out on his own accord, that the architect of the greatest dynasty in NFL history can coach in New England as long as he chooses. Kraft doesn't subscribe to it."

"The defense, according to sources, has grown increasingly frustrated with the offense, which ranks last in the NFL with 10.6 points per game.""

Jeff Howe

Gang, this is just awful, awful stuff. It's not good, and no matter what the Patriots have done in the past, it has no impact on the 2023 team. The 2023 New England Patriots might be the worst team in football, and with each passing NFL Sunday, it becomes clearer that Tom Brady was covering up a ton of roster issues with this team.

Howe also noted that this is a "gut-check" week for Kraft. The Patriots lost to the Las Vegas Raiders last year in Vegas on a crazy final play. Just imagine how bad another loss to the Raiders in 2023 would be, especially when you consider that Josh McDaniels AND Tom Brady are now involved with the organization, along with a receiver in Jakobi Meyers who was shockingly replaced by JuJu Smith-Schuster in the offseason.

I don't think it's out of the realm of possibility for Kraft to fire Bill Belichick after a potential Week 6 loss. He could appoint Jerod Mayo as the interim head coach and make Matt Groh the interim GM until the end of the season. I've been saying for a while now that things were not all fine and dandy with this team as some have said, and the walls are crumbling, rapidly.