Ben McAdoo will be a sneaky good Patriots signing for one reason

New Patriots coach touted as 'an awesome evaluator' of quarterbacks in the draft

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Over the last two weeks, Jerod Mayo has been on a hiring spree, filling out his staff as he heads into the 2024 offseason as the new head coach of the Patriots. There was a lot of concern brewing as it took longer than expected for him to find a new offensive coordinator, but it seems like once Alex Van Pelt was announced for the role, it created a domino effect of a list of hires.

One of those names was Ben McAdoo, the failed New York Giants coach many fans remembered in a not-so-favorable way. Mayo's unexpected hire drew many questions regarding why he chose to bring in a guy who has jumped from team to team since being fired from his head coaching position.

However, upon further review, he may become a significant yet under-the-radar addition to the staff, especially given the current state of the Patriots roster.

Boston Sports Journal's Greg Bedard dove into this topic, revealing he spoke to someone who previously worked with McAdoo who called him an "awesome evaluator" for "all positions" on an NFL team. Because the New England roster needs major upgrades, one being quarterback, this could be the leading reason McAdoo was brought in.

Ben McAdoo could provide great intel regarding the Patriots roster choices in free agency and the upcoming draft

Some may ask how that could be possible when he seemingly destroyed the Giants in two seasons. But there are receipts, as posted here by The Riot Report on Twitter/X.

There are multiple reports of McAdoo wanting to trade up for Patrick Mahomes in the 2017 draft, seeing him as one of the best quarterbacks of the class. It ultimately did not happen and now we have to deal with the Chiefs being a great team for the foreseeable future.

The following year, he was high on Josh Allen and Lamar Jackson, believing they were the top prospects at the position that year. He was also not impressed with Sam Darnold, who the Jets took and got rid of before the end of his rookie contract.

None of which were quarterbacks the Giants took, but McAdoo's evaluations have been proven correct.

This could play a massive role in how the Patriots determine their next quarterback, coupled with Van Pelt, who built a career working with NFL quarterbacks.

It'll be interesting to see how they view Mac Jones in particular since there are rumors that Mayo could give him another shot now that Bill Belichick is out of the building. It'll also be interesting to see how they approach free agency, possibly signing a veteran or drafting a rookie.

So McAdoo may not be the best head coach, but his instincts on quality talent for the most important position on the team will be invaluable for the Patriots, which makes his hiring a bit more sensible than initially thought.

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