6 most iconic Bill Belichick moments as the head coach of the New England Patriots

Dallas Cowboys v New England Patriots
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Intentionally trolling the Jets in a Monday Night Football blowout win

This is one of those moments that any diehard Patriots fan will forever remember and laugh about.

Why? Because it's the Jets.

We know the history between Belichick and the Jets, and if given an opportunity to mess with them, Belichick will take advantage of the moment. That's precisely what he did in the 2019 season when the Patriots were handing New York another beatdown.

Over ten minutes remained in the fourth quarter, and although New England was winning with a score of 33-0, Belichick decided it was the right time to mess with the long-time rival.

After a quick 3-and-out that ended at the Jets' 33-yard line, the punting unit was penalized for what appeared to be an intentional delay of game. In any similar circumstance, it isn't a shocking move because being forced to move back ten yards is beneficial for the punter.

But that's not where it stopped, nor what seemed to be happening.

The penalty was declined, so the special teams unit lined up again, ready to punt. This time, Brandon Bolden was flagged for a false start. Boos started ringing through the stadium since most assumed (correctly) that what was being done was intentional.

Cameras then panned over to Belichick on the sideline and caught the head coach ever so slightly smirking, proving his efforts were to purposely troll the opponent.

It's one of the few moments that a genuine smile was caught on Belichick's face, and it was priceless given the reason that made him so enthused.