Patriots owner Robert Kraft doesn't miss the chance to take a jab at divisional rival

Cincinnati Bengals v New England Patriots
Cincinnati Bengals v New England Patriots / Winslow Townson/GettyImages

There's never an inappropriate time to insult one of your longest-running rivals, right?

According to Patriots owner Robert Kraft and likely the entire New England fanbase, the answer would unequivocally agree.

As a part of the logo unveiling for the 2026 FIFA World Cup in Boston, Kraft was one of the many notable speakers to take the stage during the event. Other than sharing that “a minimum of six games” would be taking place at Gillette Stadium, the billionaire made sure to include a not-so-subtle dig at long-time divisional foes, the New York Jets.

Kraft described how much sports, like soccer, can bring people together, and it's not often that people worldwide can celebrate one event with the same feeling, noting that the only other time that happens is when the Patriots beat the Jets.

"The world we’re living in now, we need the World Cup more than ever. Because seeing different communities from different parts of the world gather together and celebrate and really be excited in a way -- I guess only when the Patriots are kicking butt against the Jets, that’s the same feeling."

Is he wrong, though?

Absolutely not! And it's always a good time to take a victory lap around the Jets, especially when they are already being named Super Bowl favorites in May.

Indeed, New England will have their hands full when taking on their familiar foe during the upcoming season, with the new addition of Aaron Rodgers under center. The matchups are unlikely to be easy wins now, especially before the season begins.

But at the end of the day, they're still the Jets.

It has been a long time since they were a viable threat to a Patriots season. With all the changes that have occurred this offseason, including the revitalization of the offense courtesy of Bill O'Brien, hopefully, New England can keep it that way, and we can continue to use the Jets as the punchline of a joke.